About me

"Art is a way to transcend through the time, to communicate to the future and know about our past. It allows preserving our culture for the next generations.
A connection with a moment in time, life and spirit."

Certified by the New York Institute of Photography.
Working in Collections and Projects since 2014.

BSc. Industrial Engineering (Mexico)

MSc. Innovation, Strategy and Entrepreneurship (Germany)


“I admire Leonardo Da Vinci, a Scientist, and an Artist, He came out with wonderful crazy ideas using both sides of his brain. Inspired in him, I like to mix Engineering and Art, that's the core of KimGarza”


Currently living in: Berlin, Germany


Sharing with all of you my love in photography with my Youtube Channel, Blog Posts, and Social Media.
Youtube Channel: KimGarza


I create Digital and Analog Photography exclusive workshops around the world from basics to advanced.

Wall Decor

I design original and exclusive wall decorations for homes and offices using my photography work. (Coming Soon)

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Art Blog

Hey there! I have some news 🙂 I started my Youtube channel!! I wanted to started formally since a long time ago, I uploaded a couple videos once in a while but I didn't spend the...
August 5, 2018
Herus m (genitive herī); second declension 1. master of the house or family 2. owner, proprietor One of the best things about living in Berlin is that all the time are great Art...
March 18, 2018
In this world of technology and digitalization, how analog photography survives? That’s the question of digital photographers and people in general. Why waste time with films when you...
February 19, 2018