The artist and founder, Kimberly Garza Recio believes in Bilateral Thinking. She has a Major in Engineering, a certification in Photography, and currently studying her Master in Science in Innovation, Strategy and Entrepreneurship in Berlin, Germany.

“I admire Leonardo Da Vinci, a Scientist, and an Artist, He came out with wonderful crazy ideas using both sides of his brain. Inspired in him, I like to mix Engineering and Art, that's the core of KimGarza”

Kimberly shares her love in Art, Photography, and Travels around the world in her Blog to encourage the readers to come  out of the comfort zone and discover this amazing world.


Certified by the New York Institute of Photography. Working in Collections and Projects since 2014.


Creative and Unique art based in Photography and Design. Kimberly is an Art historian enthusiast.

Design & Innovation

Every single product and service in KimGarza is designed with creativity, innovation and engineering.