About Me

The story behind the camera

I’m madly in love with Photography, both Digital & Analog. I’ve been working in Photography Projects & Collections since 2014, and I think I will never stop! Every day I have new ideas to create with this beautiful art.

My inspiration for my Projects & Collections comes from things that I admire & love, combined with my unique way to see the world.

Every single of my photos or photo series has a unique style, personality, a Soul.

When I do photography I lost myself on it, I’m just into my artwork, it doesn’t matter that maybe that day wasn’t a good day, Photography fixes all. When I take my camera into my backpack, I feel so excited that I’m going to shoot! I can’t explain it, is just something that makes me feel alive & happy.


Certified as Professional Photographer by the New York Institute of Photography. And with a Master in Science in Innovation, Strategy & Entrepreneurship (Berlin, Germany).

What can you find in here?

A lot of photos of course! Iā€™m happy to share my photography work with you šŸ™‚

But also, You can find interesting products on my shop, if you like photography or my work, I recommend you to visit it, you will love it!

I invite you as well to visit my Blog šŸ˜‰

I hope you have an amazing day <3