Berlin Art Week

“Learn the rules like a pro, so you can break them like an artist.” ~ Pablo Picasso

The last week was #BerlinArtWeek (13 – 18 Sep 2016) and what a week!

Several events and expositions of Art took all Berlin, so many options but just one art post per week, I had to make a decision. ¿which event/exposition to write about?

A 50 contemporary artists exposition called my attention, first of all because this was hosted by a non profit Berlin foundation of art, Enter Art Foundation, who helps as a platform for artists, I think this is awesome, so I searched a little bit more about this foundation, I found this quote in their webpage ( ’’With all the technology of today, emerging artist are still the hardest to find and are almost invisible to the public’’ – Gunter Sachs. So true, and also, that’s one of the main purposes of this Blog. The decision is taken, let’s go to this exposition!

First room, so many artworks, different styles, techniques, types, paints, portraits, sculptures…

50 artists that captivate the viewers eyes. however, if I talk to you about each of these artists, we will never end, so, I will talk about the artists that took my eyes with their artwork creating a mix of feelings and emotions.

I walked through all the halls, you can feel in each artwork the artist’s passion. My eyes stop several minutes on this art piece…

A Fine Art mix with the delicacy who holds the feather, mysterious, antique, dark.

His other works also showed the same dark mystery.

Artist: Kiril Bikov

Lonely, vulnerable, exposed, pure Fine Art.

This artist combines Digital & Analog Photography.

Artist: Luiza Prado

Artworks in every corner…

The silence is enough, this artwork takes you to that place.

I think you already realised that I took interest more in artworks with photography related, who knows why? 😉

We continue the our walk…

¿What do you see? For sure, something different that me, or other people, that’s what I love of this art pieces.

Artist: Cornelius Staudt

I turned to the next hall and I saw these wolfs, there is something in their look, something deep,

 but I wanted to look them closer…

a little bit closer…

Wow! great creativity & dedication.

Artist: Lisa Looser

From my point of view, those were my favorite five artists, but nevertheless, each artist have great talent.

This exposition will still be open until Sep 25, if you like art, then this is a great place to visit!

The art is a way of expression, leaving a mark for the history of humanity.


with love,


Posted September 20, 2016
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