Herus m (genitive herī); second declension
1. master of the house or family
2. owner, proprietor

One of the best things about living in Berlin is that all the time are great Art Exhibitions, such as HERUS!

This past March 9th I had the opportunity to attend to this fantastic and original art exhibition of two of my favorite contemporary artists, Sophie Vallance and Douglas Cantor.

Sophie is from Scotland and Douglas from Colombia; they are based in Berlin and London. I will tell you a bit about them from my point of view…

I met Sophie almost one year ago here in Berlin; she loves cats! An I liked that, if you know me well then you will know I’m a cat lover, and as well, she is a very strong defender of women rights, a great Feminist. Then, she told me that she’s a painter, and the first time I saw her work I was amazed. I felt the behind the paint and saw that deep messages that each of her paintings have, that’s for me what each artwork should have.

Then I met Sophie’s husband, Douglas, as a person he is amazing and as a painter, he is beyond this world! I got amazed again by his huge artworks, he usually paints in big sizes and looking his artworks in persons is incredible.

For me, an artwork needs to make you feel something, tell you a story and drive you to the artist mind and feelings, and for sure all the artworks of these two artists do that. As Mexican, I feel like these two contemporary artists are the modern and upgraded version of Frida Kahlo and Diego Rivera. I would love all of you to see their artworks in person.

This exhibition, HERUS, was in their studio, where all these artworks were made.

The artworks presented in the exhibition were:

Douglas Cantor:
Raise your cup, 2017
An eye for an eye, 2017
All roads lead to London, 2018
Hell in between, 2017

Sophie Vallance:
Venus, 2018
I’m right where I should be, 2018
Mother Fokker, 2017
Kind Botoño II, 2017

If you want to know more about these artists, I recommend you to visit their webpages and social media:
IG: @im_na_naina
IG: @douglas.cantor

Cover Photo: Kind Botoño II, 2017, Sophie Vallance

Art lovers… I hope you like it and I will keep sharing posts about art exhibitions and art topics in general in the section Art Love of my Blog (Check out my previous posts).

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With Love,

Posted March 18, 2018
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    ¡Que bien que nos compartes este tipo de posts Kim! A mi me encantaría ir a una exhibición de ellos, ¿cuándo vienen a México?

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