The Birth of Venus

A piece of art is source of many secrets, its story hide more than you can even imagine, starting from the artist’s life, the technique, the time, and the meaning. This is one of my favorite pieces from Sandro Botticelli, painted at the beginning of the renascence, The Birth of Venus, 1484. I had the opportunity to see it in person in Abril, 2017. It’s located in the Uffizi Museum in Florence, Italy

The first that captured my attention was the colors and the movement of the artwork, when I see it I feel like I’m hearing a ballad, something very fine and delicate, the expression of the characters in the painting is so soft! and of course, I love the renascence technique.

When I fall in love with an artwork, my next step is always do a research about it, I want to know everything! With this particular painting I found many interesting things.

The artwork represents the arriving of the Venus to the coast (Venus is the Goddess of Love, according to the story she born from Urano’s genitals that his brother Saturn cut them off and threw them to the ocean). In the artwork we see Venus on a shell arriving to the coast helped by winged gods (wind gods who represent the cardinal points) and a nymph is waiting for her with a robe to cover her, this nymph represents the spring.

Something that I really like about this artwork is the story of La Bella Simonetta, the muse who represents Venus and many artists named Simonetta as their muse for their artworks.

Source: Wiki – Simonetta’s Portrait


According to the story, Simonetta Cattaneo was a lady with a unique beauty. When she was 16 years old, she marry with Marco Vespucci, familiar of Americo Vespuccio (Do you remember him? if you live in America then you most know that America was named like that in his honor). Simonetta died at 23 years old in Florence, Italy. Nevertheless, many artists continued using Simonetta as their muse as inspiration for their work. Fantastic, isn’t it? now if you see a renascence artwork from Italy you maybe see Simonetta in it.

The Birth of Venus, one of my favorite artworks.

Later on my blog I will write one special post about my experience in the Uffizi Museum in Florence, Italy. But, if you have the opportunity to visit Florence, you most go! is really stunning and has a lot of Florence’s history. And there are so many Renascence artworks, one of my favorite art movements (and I love too the impressionism, but that’s another story)


I hope you liked this post, I enjoy very much sharing with you a bit of my passion in Art.

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Posted October 25, 2017
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    Ya quiero conocer Florencia! Gracias por compartir KimGarza 💜

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      Florencia es hermosa, te la recomiendo muchisimo!

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