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Me again, I should write more often in my blog… I will try it!

Well, there is a quick post about this camera from Lomography the SprocketRocket, which is a 35mm analog camera. I got this camera a few weeks ago (is the number 12th in my analog collection!) and I really like it. Although it is quite different from the other cameras that I have, is still special.

If you are used to use complex SLR analog cameras, then you will be surprise with the simplicity of this one, I was…

The camera it’s very light, which is amazing to take it everywhere, and has this special feature of Panoramic photos and also it exposes the holes of the 35mm film, which is kind of artsy.

But, it only has two options of: aperture (f/10.8, f/16), speed (1/100, Bulb) and focus (0.6m to infinit), and these don’t leave enough space for completely control of your images. Also, this camera is designed to be used a with a color film ISO 400, which is you use another film you might have issues for a correct exposure..

I’ve been using the camera de whole week and I’m almost done with my film! I bought a color film ISO 400 to test as specifies, after I’ll test it also with a Black & White ISO 100… I will show you the results once I have them 🙂

If you want to see the unboxing of this camera, here is the video:


I hope you like it and I will come back with the results 😉


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Posted noviembre 10, 2018
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