Word Photography Challenge

Hi there!

I want to share with you that I had the opportunitu  to participate in this “Word Fotografía Challenge” with the amazing Landscape Photographer @photoflooddays (IG)  📸.

The challenge was that the other photographer (in this case @photoflooddays) should give me a word and I should give him a word too, and then each of us should create a photograph inspired in this world.

He gave me the word “30 Seconds”, you can see on his IG the word that I gave him 😉.

For me it was pretty interesting and a good challenge, because for me anything related with time is meaningful, your life can change in 30 secs, for good or bad, or a 30 secs memory can draw a smile or drop a tear… how can I represent that as a Portrait Photographer?

Well, after thinking a lot, I decided to make a 30 seconds self portrait… I made 30 shots, one second in between each, 30 seconds in total, and I merged all of them, giving as a result a 30 seconds time frame image… which includes  the past and present of a momentn in time… as my expression, that’s how I face time, even though I have very happy moments, I have had very sad too, so my expression about time is not with a smile, neither with tears in my eyes… rather as a warrior of this life and time, which I plan to conquer. 🐺🖤

Thank you veeery much to @photoflooddays for inviting me on this challenge, I enjoyed it a LOT! 💕 and remember to visit his IG to see his photo challenge 🙌🏻

What do you think about the challenge guys?? 🌚

Click to see’s photo

Click to see photoflooddays’ photo

Have a nice day and thank you for read me! 💕


Con amor,


Posted noviembre 21, 2018

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