Learning Sessions

Are you looking to start or improve your Photography skills?

I’m happy to help you 🙂
I started this online learning program with the purpose to encourage people to get into the wonderful world of Photography and then, make a profitable business with it.

The sessions are handled in Skype and I have three options for you:

1. One time session with a duration of one hour. If you have specific doubts or want to learn something very specific and that we can cover it in one hour, then, you should choose this option.

2. Monthly subscription. If you want to master a new ability or want to check your progress constantly, then this monthly subscription will work for your case, having four  sessions of one hour each, meant to be one learning session per week.

3. 6 Months subscription. If you are starting in photography or want to improve your skills, then this program is for you. Investing 24 one-hour learning sessions, four sessions per month with the purpose to get you to the place you want to be in the photography world. I’ll create a personalized program for the six month period, with the topics that we should cover to reach the goal that you have in mind, including tasks assigned, reviews and evaluations.

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Topics that can be discussed in the learning sessions:

– Initiation in Photography Digital or Analog
– Photography Techniques
– Editing techniques
– Initiation in Photoshop
– Photoshop Techniques
– Retouching + Dodge & Burn
– Initiation in Lightroom
– Lightroom techniques
– Portfolio review
– Business in Photography (business model, pricing, selling)
– General doubts

The language could be English or Spanish.

If you have any questions about the programs don’t hesitate to contact me 🙂

email: [email protected]

See you soon at our learning session!!