Long Life to Analog

In this world of technology and digitalization, how analog photography survives?

That’s the question of digital photographers and people in general. Why waste time with films when you can have the photo immediately in your digital camera or phone?

Well, the answer that I’m about to give is subjective, but isn’t that the beauty of Art? How we perceive it and interpret it.

There is a belief about the ‘Soul of an Artwork’ which is connected with the moment in time where it was created and the artist. When reproducibility was invented it was a big issue, due the soul was lost in the process.

When film photography was invented, the representation of this soul was trapped in the film, which had big power, such as a painting or a sculpture, but when digital photography appeared then there was not believing of the soul at all.

From my point of view, both are great, but I must confess that the feeling of creating analog photography is very different, you keep in the film tiny particles of light of that place and time.

And the oldest the camera, the harder is to create that photo that you want, that’s where the magic is.

I have an SLR and TLR which I use a lot, of course, it takes much more time to create photography but is worth it. When I’m traveling my shoulders are always in pain due to the heavy backpack that I carry all the time with me with my digital and analog camera, but when I arrive home and developed the film, a weird and inexplicable sparkle is always in each of the analog photos that I took. (Not a sparkle that you can see, but feel).

With the TLR is much harder, I need a light meter with me all the time to calculate the settings (aperture and speed – ISO is fixed according to the film), but what can I say? I love her.

I totally recommend digital photographers and all the people to try Analog Photography, is not easy but once again, is worth it 🎞

What do you think about? 😉

With love,


Posted February 19, 2018
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    Ankit GUPTA

    A photograph contains a part of soul of the photographer and I think in this age of digitalization, it is definitely worth taking a peek back into the history and try to use traditional methods. I agree with you! Thank you for the wonderful info :)

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      Hi Ankit! Exactly, both, analog and digital are great but is important to look back to the history of photography and understand the true connection with Art. Thank you for your comment <3

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    Nalle Garza

    Me encanto el artículo y la verdad es sorprendente como a través de los años ha sobrevivido la fotografia analoga a pesar de toda la modernizacion y digitalizacion, me encantan ambas y me encanta tu trabajo. Gracias por toda la informacion que nos compartes siempre :)

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    I love analog photography! I want to try it but I don´t know where to start... any recommendations? Thanks for the post and I love your blog!!! <3

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